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Fresh Grass for Easter!

One of our favorite things about Easter is that it is a celebration of NEW BEGINNINGS!     We love to highlight and use all things fresh and light, including flowers in pastel shades of pink, lavender, yellow, peach.     Another favorite is to incorporate fresh Easter grass.  We've all been there and seen…
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Spring Awakening

Last year on this very date I was out in the flower field, tilling the soil for some early planting.  As much as I want to be out there NOW, this year Mother Nature has had different plans.  After a relatively easy winter with very little snow, we've had colder than normal temperatures through March…
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Flowers in Winter?  Yes!

Mother Nature sure is an amazing being.  Here in Pennsylvania, we are used to winter being a time of dormancy for almost all plants, trees and shrubs.  Bare branches, dry grasses, are more the norm than are green leaves and flowers.  However, there is an amazing plant that actually blooms outdoors in our zone 5b…
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Scent of Spring

When I was little, I remember my parents having a booth at our local garden show, The Scent of Spring, each year.   Held in March or April, it was a time to enjoy and celebrate the arrival of sunshine, warmer days, and most of all - flowers! These days we have a different type…
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Looking for Inspiration on a Winter Day

Winter is always a tough season for me.    Cold weather. Snow. Short days.  Cloudy skies. So many layers of clothing just to go outside.  I could go on and on. There are days when I think back on last season and all of the work ahead of us this coming season and I question…
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2017 CSA Sign Ups are Now Open!

We always know that Spring is around the corner when seeds start being sowed, sprouts from daffodils start to peek up out of the soil, and when CSA SignUps are open for our Bloomery Flower Shares.   We are so excited to announce that today is that day!! This year, we have several different options:…
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Herbs available now!

Is there anything more quaint and wonderful than a fragrant herb garden on your porch or deck? I know it's early for most here in PA to be thinking about planting herbs outdoors, but we have just the right answer! Get your gardening "fix" with a little herb garden of your own! We have Thyme,…
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Early Spring at The Farm

  In like a lion out like a lamb?   That is debateful this week, as temps are supposed to get pretty chilly again.  We've enjoyed plenty of great spring days so far in March, enough so that we are a couple weeks ahead in planting out snapdragons, delphinium, foxglove and other cool-weather-loving flower plants.…
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Our Favorite Spring Blooms

Each winter, I anxiously await the arrival of spring.  Like so many others, I long for the sunny skies, warm days, and green grass to return.  But, what I anticipate the most are the spring flowers popping up from under the surface of the ground.   When the first green leaves appear, I know it…
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