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Introducing our Spring Bulb Collection

Each year, we have so many people ask us what the varieties of our flowers are, and if they can get plants or seeds to plant some in their own gardens.  This is especially true with our spring bulb flowers -- tulips, hyacinths and daffodils mostly, but also our alliums and a few others.  …
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Early Spring at The Farm

  In like a lion out like a lamb?   That is debateful this week, as temps are supposed to get pretty chilly again.  We've enjoyed plenty of great spring days so far in March, enough so that we are a couple weeks ahead in planting out snapdragons, delphinium, foxglove and other cool-weather-loving flower plants.…
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Our Favorite Spring Blooms

Each winter, I anxiously await the arrival of spring.  Like so many others, I long for the sunny skies, warm days, and green grass to return.  But, what I anticipate the most are the spring flowers popping up from under the surface of the ground.   When the first green leaves appear, I know it…
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