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Fresh Grass for Easter!

One of our favorite things about Easter is that it is a celebration of NEW BEGINNINGS!     We love to highlight and use all things fresh and light, including flowers in pastel shades of pink, lavender, yellow, peach.     Another favorite is to incorporate fresh Easter grass.  We've all been there and seen…
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Flowers in Winter?  Yes!

Mother Nature sure is an amazing being.  Here in Pennsylvania, we are used to winter being a time of dormancy for almost all plants, trees and shrubs.  Bare branches, dry grasses, are more the norm than are green leaves and flowers.  However, there is an amazing plant that actually blooms outdoors in our zone 5b…
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Scent of Spring

When I was little, I remember my parents having a booth at our local garden show, The Scent of Spring, each year.   Held in March or April, it was a time to enjoy and celebrate the arrival of sunshine, warmer days, and most of all - flowers! These days we have a different type…
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