Fresh Grass for Easter!

One of our favorite things about Easter is that it is a celebration of NEW BEGINNINGS!     We love to highlight and use all things fresh and light, including flowers in pastel shades of pink, lavender, yellow, peach.     Another favorite is to incorporate fresh Easter grass.  We've all been there and seen the myriad colors of artificial grass that are used in Easter baskets world-wide, but we feel there is something so special about using the "real stuff" when it comes to decor.

We recently partnered with our friends at Pineapple Paper Co. on a fun Easter party she was throwing for her children and their friends.  You can see how much of a great impact that fresh grass made in her table decor.

Now for the best part....We are offering our pots and trays of fresh oat grass to our local customers!  Just click here to order through our online store!  If you are a floral retailer, please contact us for more info on how you can bring our grass into your store!

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