Looking for Inspiration on a Winter Day

Winter is always a tough season for me.    Cold weather. Snow. Short days.  Cloudy skies. So many layers of clothing just to go outside.  I could go on and on.

There are days when I think back on last season and all of the work ahead of us this coming season and I question whether it's all worth it, is this something I still have a passion for doing.

But, soon after, I usually find myself scrolling through my countless pictures of the thousands and thousands of flowers that were harvested out of the fields each week.   I  reflect on how much our efforts helped grow flowers that were enjoyed by everyone who brought them into their homes, celebrated life's special moments and occasions with them, and who have stopped us on the streets or during deliveries to say Thank You.    Thank You for growing flowers, for sharing them with us, and for helping make our days brighter with your gorgeous blooms.

Today is one of those days.   It's cold and snowy outside, the wind is blowing, the truck needs cleared off just to go anywhere.   A pile of paperwork is sitting next to me on my desk, calling my name to get 2016 taxes done and off to the accountant.     All things I'd rather not think about or work through.

I think I'll go clear off that truck and go check on the seedlings and young plants in the greenhouse 🙂

But, first, I'll leave you with some of the photos that inspired me today.


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