Our Story

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DSC_5993Our Story


Flowers have always been in my blood.   From the time I was just little, I remember my parents having a flower garden area for me and each of my siblings - we got to choose the flowers we wanted to grow, and then were responsible for planting and tending to them throughout the summer.

Fast forward to post college and graduate school.    I moved back home to my hometown, dragging my boyfriend with me, to buy and operate an existing florist shop.   Together, we turned it into a great success, focusing on weddings and special events as well as everyday occasions.  In that time, we got married, had a daughter, and then realized that seven-days-a-week retail was not really what I wanted to do anymore.   But, flowers still called my name.    We decided to expand my previous small-time growing experiment (I had grown some of the flowers used in our retail store) into a more full-time gig and here we are five years later growing flowers alongside my parents on their vegetable farm in Prospect, PA.

Specializing on flowers that don't ship well or aren't readily available in traditional commercial markets, as well as those we just love and can't do without, we grow pretty much year-round. In the Spring we are cutting favorites such as Daffodils and Tulips, through summer with Zinnias, Marigolds, Sunflowers, Dahlias and into Fall with Heirloom Mums and Ornamental Kale.

In addition to cut flowers, we are growing succulents as well as select specialty foliages.   I love the variety and uniqueness of these items, and know that our florist clients do as well!