Introducing our Spring Bulb Collection

Each year, we have so many people ask us what the varieties of our flowers are, and if they can get plants or seeds to plant some in their own gardens.  This is especially true with our spring bulb flowers -- tulips, hyacinths and daffodils mostly, but also our alliums and a few others.   The colors and varieties we grow are not always the same as those found on shelves in stores, and the big bulb companies often have so many to choose from that it is overwhelming just trying to decide which ones are the best.

We've been contemplating how to address this need in the market - how to bring the same gorgeous cut flower bulbs that we grow to YOU, in quantities that make sense for the home gardener, and with pricing that is affordable.   We are so happy and excited to announce that we have been able to make that happen, and are introducing our Spring Bulb Collection today on our Bloomery online store site!     We have curated a collection of our favorites varieties of Daffodils,  Tulips, Hyacinths, and Unique Blooms, and are offering them in consumer-sized packages.

Ordering is now open, and all bulbs will ship this fall when it is time for planting.  We'll make sure to include easy to follow instructions on planting your bulb flowers with every order.   Our goal is to bring cut flower varieties into your home garden so you can enjoy the beautiful blooms in the spring!    Shipping is available to anywhere in the United States, and if you are lucky enough to be in our area (western PA), you can choose to pick up your bulbs at our family farm when they are ready.

Here's a sampling of the varieties we are offering.   Visit our online store for the full line!


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